onsdag den 5. oktober 2011


So, wednesday. Rainy,grey....
Helloooooo autumn.
So I just tell what I want to tell by the pictures today!

As I said yesterday, the hair is getting pretty long, pretty heavy and pretty thick.
But one thing is nice, it is getting cold and then the hair is a nice ''cold protecter''.

I bought the haircolour I normally use:
Schwarzkopf Brillance. Colour: Kashmir Red [842]

I will show the result of the hair next week or this weekend. I normally use this color, so I'm not nervous at all. I LOVE this color alot. :-)

No make-up on today....... Naturaaaaaaaal.


And I remaked my nails. Blue on toes. Nailpolish by: La Beauty Femme - kingblue 
And fingernails a lovely light-pink with light pink glitter!
By: TWC - The color Workshop

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