fredag den 30. september 2011


Hallelujah, and 24 degrees again. In the end of September. Say what? :-D Exept a stupid morning, I had a okay day. I was so tired when I came back home. But my sister returned home after 2 hours on her school. Wonderful! And some sushi!

And coffee! Mmmmm!

Skål! And have a nice weekend. :-)

torsdag den 29. september 2011


Oh yeah! More sun, 23 degrees, a happy Pernille! Slept 1 hour longer than usual, and later in school. Why does all the luck come now? No, I wont complain.
The only weird thing today is, when I was going to the train, and listen to the radio ( (the netradio)) and they started talking about christmas. Less than 3 months left. and yesterday the shops began getting ready with the things for christmas, and sells stuff. CHRISTMAS stuff. BUT, in the radio they asked people what they would think if they would play christmas songs now, and if they should. People said yes! Say what?!?! I think they should wait till a little later in October or November, to be honest.. This beautiful weather + christmas songs... Naaaah.... Wait alittle more. But I love christmas, no doubt about that! :-)

Picture of the day; my hair
- It's like very wavy these days. Getting maybe too long soon, and thick. In summers, not nice. Winters, nice! Why? Because a Scandinavian winter is pretty cold. I think I answered that question by that ;-) Plus, I'm going to colour it more red again soon. It's becoming more.... red/brown because I haven't coloured it since last month.

⤷ Top by H&M

onsdag den 28. september 2011


Sooooo. I went to Århus. Performed with my French-class. (French rap) And after my mind, it was horrible! I started laughing, and second, the sang waaaay to fast. But I tried. The funny part is, from all who tried to perform in French-rap, we got the 2nd place! SAY WHAT?! When we came down from the stage I was like: oh my goooooooood. And went outside got some air in 2 minutes. In again, and they said they got a result. And I was just really calm, and suddently they called my school. I was SO surprised because I could only hear the pthers from the part I stood. And they were also like, shiiiit. But  tried. And we had a rapper with us on the stage. Well, all had. The ''German-rappers'', ''Spanish-rappers'' and ''French-rappers'' inclusive mooooooooi.... But so what, we got a 2nd place. But we were recorded for TV, pictures and to the French Embassy []
Unbelievable. And no school (only 1½hour - untill we had to go) and great weather.

Outfit of today.
{H&M, Sisters Point}

The hair-style today. A braid in the forhead-hair. And a hair bun in the left side.

tirsdag den 27. september 2011


What a beeeeeautiful Tuesday. Seriously, the last month has been full of rain, grey and cold weather. THANK GOOOOD, since Saturday last week there has been good weather, and the weekend looks fab! 22degrees, in a September! In Scandinavia..... What the fuck? But shhhh. I wont complain. And Especially this afternoon, lovely!
My prove:

Taken in my grandparents wonderful garden, by my iPhone 4.

Can I ask for more? :-) Well, yes. A day off or some vacation. But autumn holidays is coming up in 2 weeks. GREAT! And tomorrow I will go to Århus (one of Denmark's biggest cities), for an stupid ''French rap'' contest. Wtf? We can't rap. And especially not in French, because it's way too fast. And our teacher is so crazy. We can't win that thing. But one thing is sure: camera, wallet, small bag. AND NO SCHOOL (exept of 1 lesson. Who cares?)

Have a nice Tuesday,
Pernille! :-)

mandag den 26. september 2011


Monday.....Do I need to say more? I hate Mondays!
Tired, sitting in the classroom and realize that you're not menally there. Only
And when the break comes, and you look your self in the mirror......

And I'm pretty sure it looked normal when I leaved home... But it fell down, and I din't have enough bobbypins.... But I like the combination with I made braid ''thick'' in the start. But it fell down, my bad. :-) Enjoy the rest of your monday!


søndag den 25. september 2011

The must haves!!!

                              The must haves of today is these fabulous things;

Christian  Louboutin shoes.
Price; (around) $795
George Jensen's Daisy necklace. Very high fashion in Denmark, and the rest of Scandinavia.
But as they write in the news, George Jensen was just popular in Scandinavia. Now, the whole world! MUST HAVE!

Price: 1.06162 €

And ofcourse, Jackie O's sunglasses. The queen of sunglasses!
Very fashionable. And she's was and still is a fashion icon for sure! I have no idea how much they cost. Now there's made some copy of them... Nice copy, right?
 But awesome..... YES!

Price: $355.653 / 263.525 €

lørdag den 24. september 2011

Vintage, vintage, vintage, vintage! Loooooove vintage! There was a lot of fashion icons back in the 60's.
So I was just sitting and looking in some old magazines, also on the internet,
and got inspired to post these pictures today :-)

                                                             Model in Paris
           German fashion model wearing a wool suit trimmed with fur and a matching fur hat, 1966.
                                                              Yvette Mimieux
                                                            Audrey Hepburn

fredag den 23. september 2011

The idea.....

I got the idea to make a fahion blog. I have read many fahionblogs, and saved alot of pictures of stuff and clothes through some years. So why not let my thoughts run, and tell you what I like?
I'm a 18 year old girl from Denmark, and I love fashion and vintage stuff. :-)