mandag den 31. oktober 2011


Stressy day.... BUT, it's pay-day. Hallelujah! And I just shopped for 555,- kroner.
Which is 74,59 euros! And in dollars: $104,30.
So let me show what I bought! :-D


I bought this gorgous set in ''mint green''
It's ofcourse including this ring, in onesize.
Just couldn't resist. ;-)))

               14.65 EURO

These hipsters with flowers on

I just love them, so it was a must have!

11.89 EURO


100 kroner
13.44 euro
18.79 dollars.

The waist shaper from the back.

And this fantastic dress! :-))))) LOVE IT!!!
29.43 EURO

søndag den 30. oktober 2011

Happy halloweeeeeeen!
I wont be here to post tomorrow, so I'll say so today. And after old custom, then it's today people should put their pumpkins out. Even we don't celebrate it that much in Denmark or Scandinavia, then we like to take this American custom into us.


I like this make-up for halloween! Not very ''halloween''-ish,
I know, but the effect in the hair is also very awesome!
It looks like spiderweb, but it could be nice for a
christmas-effect also and just make it look like snow! :-)

Watch out..... IT'S HALLOWEEN!
Put your pumpkin outside.

lørdag den 29. oktober 2011


Oh yes, I just looove this. EYESHADOW! I love to sit and fix it, but damn, it takes time.
Especially if you make it wrong and have to start all over.... ARGH!
But yeah okay, in this part today I chose to focus on brown eyes because, I got brown/green eyes myself (hazeleyes:google it!).

For brown or hazel-eyes, it's really nice to
put the brown/gold combination, because then
there is more focus on YOUR eyes. Like on this picture!
(even the eye is closed - haha)

Like this brown colour, also a really good choice
if you have brown eyes. And the effect with the feathers
is just great, I think!! :-)

I adooooooore smokey eyes.
And especially if you have brown eyes, it makes you look even more mysterious
(no offence to all the others with another eyecolour - it's just my opinion)

Seriously.... Check it out!!! Doesn't it look cool,
in a mysterious but awesome way?! :-D

And with closed eyes. (Not my work! Even I wish - haha)
But I got the right make up to it. Black, silver and white.   


And if there's someone with really gorgeous eyes, then it's
JLO! It's like no matter what colour she wears on her eyes,
then it's just PERFECT! I have no idea why, but it is.
And there's some drawing beside to show how to do her
eyeshadow stuff from the picture beside. I think.......

Not to put JLO in the 1st place then I must say Keira Knightley
SHE knows how to wear smokey eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Just look at all the pictures of her eyes, and all the smokey eyes'.

Okay, here's another guide to see what colours there would
be perfect to blend together. And as I said, brown eyes,
WARM colours! Brown, gold, black (not a ''warm'' colour,  but still....)

I prefer to use this Dior eyeshowdow. It's soooo nice.
Expensive, I know. But the colour is great! It's called;
''Dior 001, 5 couleurs gold edition''. Well, you can see it below
also, haha!

fredag den 21. oktober 2011


Oooooh so long time ago I blogged. Oops! So much to do.
This last week I have autumn vacation!! HALLELUJAH! And I had my dear friend on visit. And she leaved me today. Awww... And such a sad goobye in the airport. 6 months till I will meet her for a awesome weekend in Roosendaal, Holland for ABBAWEEKEND 2012. I miss her, it's so quite. Nothing to do..... Yes homework, but.... it's not the same. But I had a GREAT weekend! And the haircolour was a success! (See pictures ;-) )

{Looking okay fat there..... -.-}

Some pictureeeeeeees. (more pictures will come)

I'm obviously suppossed to LOOK like this little cartoon
girl, ''Lille My'' or ''Pikku My'' as it's named in Finnish.
My friends names me Lille My, because I'm only 1,60cm tall
- and I wear some black boots, and my cotton-coat is something
á la a dress. And of course the red hair.... And I put my hair often
up on the head like that. (Exampels on pictures will come :-))
Should I buy these sunglasses? They're alittle retro-style
right? That's what I liiiiike! And only 79.00 kroner or 49.00 kr...
I can't remember.... Anyways, they're from H&M. (10euro / 6,5euro)

I must tell everybody in the whole world, that
you HAVE to taste this! JOE & THE JUICE is
my favorite smoothie/juice store. And if you ever go
to such shop, choose a BIG ''Pick me up''! you see it on this picture,
it's ----> cherries, banana, and appel.
If you ever get the opportunity, DO IT!
You really miss a peace of heaven if you don't. Just saying....

torsdag den 6. oktober 2011



The pic is not from today

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011


So, wednesday. Rainy,grey....
Helloooooo autumn.
So I just tell what I want to tell by the pictures today!

As I said yesterday, the hair is getting pretty long, pretty heavy and pretty thick.
But one thing is nice, it is getting cold and then the hair is a nice ''cold protecter''.

I bought the haircolour I normally use:
Schwarzkopf Brillance. Colour: Kashmir Red [842]

I will show the result of the hair next week or this weekend. I normally use this color, so I'm not nervous at all. I LOVE this color alot. :-)

No make-up on today....... Naturaaaaaaaal.


And I remaked my nails. Blue on toes. Nailpolish by: La Beauty Femme - kingblue 
And fingernails a lovely light-pink with light pink glitter!
By: TWC - The color Workshop

tirsdag den 4. oktober 2011


Tuesday was a okay day. Though I was tired..... as always.... *cough* .
anyway, I was out eating dinner with my mom on Jensens Bøfhus. Wooonderful place to eat. And so delicious. Unfortuantly it only excits in Denmark and some places in Sweden. So if you see one of these places..... GO EAT THERE. You wont be dissapointed.
What can I say more? Hmm... I think I need a haircut soon.... It's getting long.... And I will dye it soon. So I bought a new colour. Yesterday actually, but who cares? :-) I will dye it next week I think, because it has to be ''used'' to me hair. Even it's the one I have been using since Febuary. I just love the colour, okay? But I will dye it soon because a wonderful ABBA-fan-friend of mine from Holland is coming and visiting me HERE in 2 weeks. Oh my gosh, I can't wait.

BTW: The another pictures wont upload today, because the internet is so crabby SLOOOOOOOW.

Thanks for the attention, and have a nice day! :-D

mandag den 3. oktober 2011


Hellooooooooooooo Monday...........
Well.... What can I say today? Hmm...
I got sushi again. FRESH sushi! But I'm so freaking very tired. But I had fun downloading some apps to my iPhone. Isn't this brilliant ''fake call'' ?!?! Imagine, if you're on a date, and you're thinking.... NO WAY! This just can't be true? I have to escape somewhen.
Then the fake caller thing will call, and if you want it to say something, then you can choose that! Fantastic! (Speaking in English ofcourse). So, just speaking the languages to the fake voice, that's awesome! :-D

Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :-DDDDD

Mmm, mmmmm, MMMMMMM! Like it! (Y)


Did I tell you, that I just love my pets? They're like.... my world?!
*muuuah*!! :-*

Hahaha, my life......

søndag den 2. oktober 2011


Last day before it's back to school, again...
So I slept long today. Maybe alittle too long. Then is it good to relax with some coffee, clean the room, and celebrate dad's delayed birthday.

Flashback from yesterday's coffee :-)

lørdag den 1. oktober 2011


Record of warm weather in Denmark today. In an OCTOBER day! 25,...something DEGREES! Normally it cooooooooold. But I was out with my BFF, eating dinner, and on the beach! So great! Really nice day today :-)