mandag den 3. oktober 2011


Hellooooooooooooo Monday...........
Well.... What can I say today? Hmm...
I got sushi again. FRESH sushi! But I'm so freaking very tired. But I had fun downloading some apps to my iPhone. Isn't this brilliant ''fake call'' ?!?! Imagine, if you're on a date, and you're thinking.... NO WAY! This just can't be true? I have to escape somewhen.
Then the fake caller thing will call, and if you want it to say something, then you can choose that! Fantastic! (Speaking in English ofcourse). So, just speaking the languages to the fake voice, that's awesome! :-D

Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :-DDDDD

Mmm, mmmmm, MMMMMMM! Like it! (Y)


Did I tell you, that I just love my pets? They're like.... my world?!
*muuuah*!! :-*

Hahaha, my life......

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  1. I have never eaten sushi... Can you believe it? :P Anyway it seems to be a very tasty food, and it's cute! *-*

    You have lovely pets, Prille.