fredag den 21. oktober 2011


Oooooh so long time ago I blogged. Oops! So much to do.
This last week I have autumn vacation!! HALLELUJAH! And I had my dear friend on visit. And she leaved me today. Awww... And such a sad goobye in the airport. 6 months till I will meet her for a awesome weekend in Roosendaal, Holland for ABBAWEEKEND 2012. I miss her, it's so quite. Nothing to do..... Yes homework, but.... it's not the same. But I had a GREAT weekend! And the haircolour was a success! (See pictures ;-) )

{Looking okay fat there..... -.-}

Some pictureeeeeeees. (more pictures will come)

I'm obviously suppossed to LOOK like this little cartoon
girl, ''Lille My'' or ''Pikku My'' as it's named in Finnish.
My friends names me Lille My, because I'm only 1,60cm tall
- and I wear some black boots, and my cotton-coat is something
á la a dress. And of course the red hair.... And I put my hair often
up on the head like that. (Exampels on pictures will come :-))
Should I buy these sunglasses? They're alittle retro-style
right? That's what I liiiiike! And only 79.00 kroner or 49.00 kr...
I can't remember.... Anyways, they're from H&M. (10euro / 6,5euro)

I must tell everybody in the whole world, that
you HAVE to taste this! JOE & THE JUICE is
my favorite smoothie/juice store. And if you ever go
to such shop, choose a BIG ''Pick me up''! you see it on this picture,
it's ----> cherries, banana, and appel.
If you ever get the opportunity, DO IT!
You really miss a peace of heaven if you don't. Just saying....

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  1. Hej, Prille! I'm happy you're back and your hair looks great ;)