onsdag den 28. september 2011


Sooooo. I went to Århus. Performed with my French-class. (French rap) And after my mind, it was horrible! I started laughing, and second, the sang waaaay to fast. But I tried. The funny part is, from all who tried to perform in French-rap, we got the 2nd place! SAY WHAT?! When we came down from the stage I was like: oh my goooooooood. And went outside got some air in 2 minutes. In again, and they said they got a result. And I was just really calm, and suddently they called my school. I was SO surprised because I could only hear the pthers from the part I stood. And they were also like, shiiiit. But  tried. And we had a rapper with us on the stage. Well, all had. The ''German-rappers'', ''Spanish-rappers'' and ''French-rappers'' inclusive mooooooooi.... But so what, we got a 2nd place. But we were recorded for TV, pictures and to the French Embassy [http://www.ambafrance-dk.org/]
Unbelievable. And no school (only 1½hour - untill we had to go) and great weather.

Outfit of today.
{H&M, Sisters Point}

The hair-style today. A braid in the forhead-hair. And a hair bun in the left side.

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  1. Hahahaha Congratulations, Prille! The second place is better than the first, according to all you told me yesterday. Well, I'd love to see this contest, it seems to be very very very funny.

    Btw, your look is beautiful and also the style of braid ;)