søndag den 25. september 2011

The must haves!!!

                              The must haves of today is these fabulous things;

Christian  Louboutin shoes.
Price; (around) $795
George Jensen's Daisy necklace. Very high fashion in Denmark, and the rest of Scandinavia.
But as they write in the news, George Jensen was just popular in Scandinavia. Now, the whole world! MUST HAVE!

Price: 1.06162 €

And ofcourse, Jackie O's sunglasses. The queen of sunglasses!
Very fashionable. And she's was and still is a fashion icon for sure! I have no idea how much they cost. Now there's made some copy of them... Nice copy, right?
 But awesome..... YES!

Price: $355.653 / 263.525 €

3 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful necklace, Prille! It's fun to know Scandinavia trends ;D


  2. Kariiiiiiine! Do you follow my new blog? :-)
    More Scandinavian trends is coming up. Did you know the Danish queen's nickname is ''Daisy'' ? ;-) Sweden, Norway and Denmark is related family, you know. And they call her Daisy. Kinda funny I think. And she wear these jewels also..... OF COURSE!:-D

  3. I'm following you, Prille! ;)
    Well, I didn't know that! Daisy is a cute name, I had a special collegue at high school called Daisy Mary, it's a common name in Brazil hahaha