torsdag den 29. september 2011


Oh yeah! More sun, 23 degrees, a happy Pernille! Slept 1 hour longer than usual, and later in school. Why does all the luck come now? No, I wont complain.
The only weird thing today is, when I was going to the train, and listen to the radio ( (the netradio)) and they started talking about christmas. Less than 3 months left. and yesterday the shops began getting ready with the things for christmas, and sells stuff. CHRISTMAS stuff. BUT, in the radio they asked people what they would think if they would play christmas songs now, and if they should. People said yes! Say what?!?! I think they should wait till a little later in October or November, to be honest.. This beautiful weather + christmas songs... Naaaah.... Wait alittle more. But I love christmas, no doubt about that! :-)

Picture of the day; my hair
- It's like very wavy these days. Getting maybe too long soon, and thick. In summers, not nice. Winters, nice! Why? Because a Scandinavian winter is pretty cold. I think I answered that question by that ;-) Plus, I'm going to colour it more red again soon. It's becoming more.... red/brown because I haven't coloured it since last month.

⤷ Top by H&M

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  1. Christmas stuff and songs in late September?! Wow! o/ I think it gives people the impression that they are closer to the end of the year, vacations, Christmas mood and everything else. And, of course, it's really good to the stores... Well, here in Brazil it's always very warm at Xmas time, so I would love to celebrate with snow ;)