tirsdag den 27. september 2011


What a beeeeeautiful Tuesday. Seriously, the last month has been full of rain, grey and cold weather. THANK GOOOOD, since Saturday last week there has been good weather, and the weekend looks fab! 22degrees, in a September! In Scandinavia..... What the fuck? But shhhh. I wont complain. And Especially this afternoon, lovely!
My prove:

Taken in my grandparents wonderful garden, by my iPhone 4.

Can I ask for more? :-) Well, yes. A day off or some vacation. But autumn holidays is coming up in 2 weeks. GREAT! And tomorrow I will go to Århus (one of Denmark's biggest cities), for an stupid ''French rap'' contest. Wtf? We can't rap. And especially not in French, because it's way too fast. And our teacher is so crazy. We can't win that thing. But one thing is sure: camera, wallet, small bag. AND NO SCHOOL (exept of 1 lesson. Who cares?)

Have a nice Tuesday,
Pernille! :-)

2 kommentarer:

  1. OMG, what a beautiful picture! *_* Here is warm too, but it's spring ;)


  2. Oh, I forgot to say: French rap sounds very weird! xD