mandag den 19. marts 2012


A short chill-time before the flight to Helsinki
with the best smoothie you can get in Denmark,
''Pick Me Up'' by Joe & the Juice
Soooorry sooooorry!

No blogs in a long time, I know.
There's just some things in my life, I had to take care of.

Anyway, I'm good. I met 2 of my rolemodels in the end of February. Benny & Björn from ABBA. IN HELSINKI! It was more than fantastic. I can't decribe my feelings in this. But I am SO happy. And I got an autograph from Benny. It was so special to me, and one of my best experiences of my life! I will never forget this trip. And the after party.... WAUW! :-D

1 week after I went to ABBA the Show. It's said that they're the best tribute band of ABBA since ABBA.
Here's some pictures :-D

Another thing, I have chosen to watermark my pictures, of that reason, some people likes to copy them and use them. That is why I have my name on them. Please ask for permission before copying, thank you:-)

Sightseeing in Helsinki. I visited the Bridge of Love.
You and you beloved one go there with a locket. Write your
names on it, put it on the bridge together and through the key
out in the canal, and you'll be locked together forever ♥

Björn and his wife, Lena, at the pre-premiere
28th of Febuary

Benny and 2 Swedish friends and collegues.

Me, and my 1st premiere
outfit.. :-) Didn't shoot one
of myself the 2nd night.
But pretty similar to my
new year look :-)

My best Finnish friend, Laura and I.


1st row, baby ;-)))

And also from 1st row. I *died* inside
of happiness!

2nd night to the official premiere
from the balcony. (So what if it wasn't 1st row again?! I was IN)


The scene, and sweet sweet music. Mmmh!

Benny came on the stage before the actors(ess)' and rocked with BAO tunes!

All these pictures are also taken by me. :-)

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